Sunday 8:00 am Chapel Service & 10:30 am Sanctuary Service

 Adult Christian Education

Spring ACE Class
April 24–June 5

“Read your Bible!” might be great advice … But what if our devotional habits have gotten a little stale? Or what if we’ve always felt a little intimidated when sitting down to read the Word?  

Come to our next Adult Christian Education series to learn about sacred reading! Each week we will learn and practice a new form of sacred reading. Together we’ll apply sacred reading practices to familiar Bible passages and see what new insights emerge.

In our last session, we will apply what we’ve learned to the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Sacred reading is a practice that can be applied to more than just biblical texts. It can enrich our understanding of literature, art, theater, movies, and our very lives! We’ll approach the world of Narnia through the lens of sacred reading and discover what C.S. Lewis’ famous work has to teach us.

  • April 24: Lectio Divina
  • May 1: No class this Sunday
  • May 8: No Class this Sunday
  • May 15:  Sacred Imagination
  • May 22:  Havruta
  • May 29:  Florilegium
  • *June 5:  Sacred Reading and Narnia: Taking Literature Seriously

*For the class on June 5, please read the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We will have a much richer discussion and practice if everyone comes prepared.