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Gracious and loving God, we humbly come before you with concern and care on our hearts. We are grateful for the work of school boards and administrators as these extremely difficult decisions are being made. We know that no one is taking this reasonability lightly and the decisions are being made in the best interest of those involved. We thank you for their hard work and diligence in continually monitor the COVID-19 realities that are occurring in our community.

We pray for administrators, teachers, and staff who will be teaching through online resources the first quarter. Switching from an in-person learning style to online is no easy task and we pray for them in these next couple of weeks as they make these necessary adjustments. While remote learning is not ideal for a learning environment to keep students up to date with the information they are to be engaging with at their grade level, we know this decision will keep them safe.

We pray for families. We pray for families who have already made the difficult decision to take the remote learning route and have spent the last couple of weeks working towards making sure their children will be set up and ready for this learning environment. We especially pray, O LORD, for families who were planning to be in-person. We fully acknowledge the hardships that will occur for these families as they shift their plans for the beginning of the fall.

We pray, O God, for families who will struggle immensely to keep up with the remote learning structure. We pray for families who do not have the necessary support of childcare either because the parent(s) must work to provide for the family out of the home and do not have the ability to be home teaching their children or know that finding childcare will cause significant financial stress.

We pray, with heavy hearts, for children who rely on the support of school to see welcoming faces, to have their nutritional needs met, and to find safety. We give thanks for the schools’ continued care in supporting families as best as they can and offering meals to those in need. While it will not be the same as in-person, we know that teachers and schools are doing everything they can to make the best out of this difficult situation.

We pray, O God, with sorrow and weariness for all the ways COVID-19 continues to change the lives of so many including young families. We know that you, O LORD, are in control and we are not. We know that you are God and we are not. We do not always understand or know what is coming next but we have faith in you to walk with us in this darkest valley. We know that you are a good God and you feel pain when we are in pain and you grieve when we grieve. Be with us now in this ever changing situation as we pray for families in our community to find the resources they need to have find kind of normalcy on this situation.

And Lord, we pray that you show us, friends and family of Second Pres, how you would call us to respond to the needs of families in this situation. Show us your will and your way and give to us, we pray, the opportunities to be a light in the darkness; to be caring, loving, and supporting in these changing times. We thank you for your love and compassion that you never cease to show us this day and always.

 In Christ’s name we humbly pray, Amen.