How it all started...

Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington was founded June 3,1855 by 34 individuals opposed to slavery. The First Presbyterian Church of Bloomington, founded in 1833, had hired a pro-slavery pastor. This, along with the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed in 1854, was the impetus for 14 members from the First Church to join with 12 members of the anti- slavery Congregational Church to create the New School Presbyterian Church, later named Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington.
Second Presbyterian Church has occupied the same site in downtown Bloomington
and remains today, “The Heart of Christ in the Heart of the Community.”

Retelling the story...

On Sunday, September 9, 2019 the Heritage Committee unveiled the highly anticipated Heritage Timeline Wall in Martin Hall.  
The purpose of the Timeline is to provide highlights of our church’s rich history in a visual form, relating that retrospective to the periods of regional and national history in which they occurred.

And the story continues...

On February 23, 2020, Rev. Treighton "Trey" Haddon was installed as Senior Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church.  When asked about the vision for the ministry of Second Pres, Rev. Haddon replied, "Since coming to Second Presbyterian, I have had one thought come to mind over and over again. This thought is simply the word “possibilities.”  With our location in the center of downtown, our vast resource of space, and the spirit of God moving through this congregation, I am constantly awestruck at the possibilities we have to do the work of God for the people of God...I don’t think there has been a more significant time in the church's history to take advantage of the many possibilities we have to work with all of God’s people."