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From the Heritage Archives

"Sharing with Other Churches"

Session Minutes Compiled by Jeanie Wendt
Session minutes from the 1870’s until the present indicate Second Pres frequently offered help to other local churches. The discord created by the clash of opinions stemming from the Civil War faded and cooperation ensued.
  • 1875 First Congregational Church invited to our worship in pastor’s absence.
  • 1884 Normal Presbyterian requested aid in paying off their debt. Second Pres members were invited to give voluntarily.
  • 1885 First Methodist Episcopal Church was invited to worship “with us” while their church was repaired
  • 1884-1889 We provided a chapel for Stevensonville, an unincorporated coal mining community of Swedish immigrants. We “provided officers and teachers, preaching every other Sabbath afternoon or evening and the other evenings to be provided for by the laymen.”
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Grove and East St.
Swedish Lutheran Church built after Stevensonville Chapel
We invited First Pres to hold separate services in our building while their fire damage was being repaired, offered to have their elders share in serving communion, and then invited them to unite in worship on Sunday evenings. The era of cooperation beginning in the 1870’s lasted until First Church was dissolved.
The 20th Century was a time of sharing with the entire Bloomington-Normal worshiping community.

  • 1927 Western Avenue Community Church was built with a loan from Second Pres.
  • 1928 First Congregational Church merged. Second Pres, added 124 members.
  • 1983 Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church and Second Pres begin choir exchange, singing in each other’s worship services.

The 21st Century includes
  • 2005 Restoration Christian Church holds services and Bible Study in Second Pres.
  • 2014 Glory Concerts held at Second Pres featuring community churches.
  • 2022 New Covenant Community provided office and worship space in Second Pres.
Glory Concert

Bible Study

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