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From the Heritage Archives

"Striving for Souls and Bodies"

by Jeanie Wendt
When few women were medical doctors and when even fewer women were medical missionaries and when Iran was Persia, Dr. Mary Bradford was hard at work healing bodies and souls in Tabriz, Persia from 1888 to 1905, 17 years. Session minutes indicate that she was supported by Second Pres through the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of Second Church established December 15, 1873, and led by Mrs. Gordon H. Read.

At one point, Dr. Bradford visited fifteen Persian villages in twenty-two days. She spent hours reading aloud and preaching the gospel wherever she went. And when the people came to her, she offered healing of body and soul. She wrote in the October 1895 Presbyterian publication, Woman’s Work for Woman, “In one or two hours I saw more real disease than in other places in two days. I had only a glimpse of their great need, but I long to go again or send someone who will strive for souls and bodies.”

Dr. Mary’s wish was fulfilled by Second Pres members Harriet and Wilma Pease who devoted their lives to the Iranian women, setting up nursing schools and Christian schools in Meshed, Tabriz, and Hamadan, Iran. Harriet served from 1921 to 1956 and Wilma served from 1924 to 1960.
“Most of the group of Moslem women converts cannot even read their language, so progress is slow for first they must learn to read, but they know how to pray and that counts too. Most of our women have come directly out of Islam, and in Islam, women have small encouragement to do other than the things men folk wish them to do.”
A 14-year-old girl was near death when she was brought into Wilma’s hospital. The nurses refused to treat her because she was a Kurd, and she did not speak Persian.  Under Wilma’s guidance, both problems were addressed and Kobra survived.
Wilma Pease wrote in 1955, “I am especially grateful that God gave me the privilege of being part of the work of Second Church.  There is no security quite like knowing that prayers and thoughts of a group of spirit-filled fellow Christians are always with one and that is what I always know about the Women’s Association.  And I thank you for them.”

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